Peter Brouwer

Moon Phase Astrology

It started in high school. Day long trips on public transit to the only store that sold astrology books, 20km away from where I lived. Back in those days, astrology charts were done by hand, and you'd need some confidence with math. I've applied astrology in my own life for all the big decisions and challenges I've faced. Over the years, I've become much more focused on simple astrology, where the moon is, it's angle to the sun, the 12 houses of the Zodiac, and the unsung heros of astrology: the twelve universal archetypes that transcend culture.


I live by the seaside, and all month long I'm aware of the moon. The most dramatic tides occur at the new moon, and at the full moon. They're two weeks apart, and if you also consider the quarter moons on the weeks in between, you've got a convenient, weekly self-check-in system. You can apply ancient wisdom, to interpret the challenges that life presents.  To go beyond good guys and bad guys, and view situations like the cosmic dance they are... a reflection of nature.


Have you ever had a big argument? Was it any different than a storm?  After a big storm, it's best to work together to clean up. Moon Phase Astrology offers a great schedule  to clean up from one of your personal storms.  As long as you stay tuned with the moon's journey, you will make progress on any intention you set. We can establish your intention during a reading, and I offer follow up phone calls to track moon phases with you after that.


Many astrologers consider the moon to be the seat of our intuition. I encourage you to give moon phase astrology a try. Apply your intuition to your biggest challenge.

Here's me talking about the tide on CBC News

I was riding my bike home, and I rode right into a CBC news segment about king tides.  They gave me two sound bites!

I follow science news

I'm interested in DNA, mindfulness practice, common sense self-care, the future, and probably more things. I tweet highlights from Science Daily (dot com) almost every day.