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About Moon Phase Astrology Readings

Moon Phase Astrology is a framework for self enquiry. Sometimes we crave change in our life, other times we resist. Moon Phase Astrology harnesses natures greatest time pieces to track changes we want to make. As the moon journey's around us, and the zodiac, the universal archetypes of astrology offer a lens for self enquiry.  An initial telephone consultation is free.  I will answer any questions you have about a reading.  Please use the form above to request an appointment for a free consultation by telephone, video call, or in person.


Pricing for Readings

  • The initial consultation is free.

  • A one hour reading is $80.

  • Follow up telephone/email questions are $20 each time.

  • 50% discount!  For first time readings; if it's your birthday this month; and, for bulk purchases.